Annika Hagelin

Seeking full-time employment in software development

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Great Grammar Transformer

I developed this project over six months for completion of my undergraduate degree in computer science. It is written in Java using Netbeans IDE and utilizes Apache OpenNLP for english language parsing. Web content is parsed from Reverso.net and Thesaurus.com for verb conjugations and synonyms.


Cat Flight

The Center for Algebraic Thinking requested an iOS app as a tool for learning the distance equals rate times time equation. I was awarded a grant for my design bid and developed it over the summer of 2013. It is written in Objective-C and most graphics were created with Google Drawings.



The past year, I served as webmaster for my university newspaper, the Willamette Collegian. My first task was subjecting the site to a well-deserved makeover. I ditched the clunky, slow-loading pdf of the print edition and opted for a homepage linking to individual articles.

I worked closely with staff members, particularly the editor-in-chief and social media manager. Together, we took the site to record views of over 45,000 in the 2014-2015 academic year.


The Wilderness Downtown

This served as my final project for an undergraduate course in 3D computer graphics. It is written in C++ with OpenGL. In the course, I studied ray tracing, the 3D rendering pipeline, geometric transformations, lighting & shading, and graphics data structures.

The city is randomly generated and includes architecture, parks, and traffic. Downtown looms in the distance. Explore the city and watch out for car doors!